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Hey everyone, so obviously, I had to go out of my way to look at the CBI official documents. To me, all of the dinar gurus don’t go out of their way to really inform you, and if they do, they charge for it. I care not if you listen to TNT Dinar (TNT Tony) or the other dinar guru detectives. The main thing you should be asking yourself, is where is the proof? If you don’t get a link to an actual document from the CBI, even if it’s in Arabic, don’t believe it.

With that being said watch this video, understand what is happening right now in Iraq with the removal of the 50 IQD notes.

Other video explaining the documents I found (dinar guru)

For more information on the CBI and the 50 dinar notes, watch this video:

As for the Central Bank of Iraq, here is a 14 minute video I did


You can check out their blog or other blogs, also, many people have blogspot websites, but they all have a way of confusing you. There are also the detective websites, but why should you trust the detectives anyways? Be careful, some actually get paid by the IQD companies. They make predictions that are crazy, they copy and paste off of dinar recaps and don’t actually give you real updates. A real update would be something from the CBI translated, like I do. The Central Bank of Iraq is a great source of information, not some fake expert like TNT Tony or TNT Dinar.

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