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NDA LINK – Planet dinar is run by Blaino, Blaine Fogel, and he was pretty much discredited back in 2011 for his RV is happening now posts. It’s now 2015, four years have passed but he hasn’t let up. This video is to point out that there really is no point in joining Planet Dinar as I already did.
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I did the membership just to see what it was all about. You get bombarded by some asset protection company. All of their phone calls are the same, “The RV could happen at any time and you need asset protection.” No people, you don’t. You don’t get asset protection unless you have ASSETS, keyword. Now with that being said, please watch the video above. I will be doing a followup. Make sure you give a thumbs up because it helps visibility, people need to be alerted to this site and others like it. Thank you – Nick Giammarino (April 1, 2015)

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